» Physiotherapist
» Trained Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation practitioner
» Psychotherapy “Mind-healing and
   Consciousness Expansion”
» Family Therapy
» NLP Master Practitioner
» Improvisation-Roleplay (Galli Method)
» Tantra

VEDA-BALANCE Inward equilibrium between body and mind – Outward harmony with the environment. Connecting the ancient Vedic science of Ayurveda with modern western psychotherapy, philosophy, and medicine.
A healing response to the demands of modern life.

My holistic approach seeks to harmoniously synthesize professionalism, competence and heart-work from many areas. My vision is to support and guide those on the journey towards personal and spiritual growth, supporting them to achieve a fulfilled life and a healthy vitality. The greatest pleasure in my work is finding those who share this vision, who enjoy working together as a team and who also wish to contribute to community, peace and healing in this world.

A German, English, and French speaking therapist, I have for many years followed a path towards integrating different aspects of my work associated with body, mind, heart and spirit. My work is baises on Ayurveda as mankind’s oldest art of healing. Ayurveda provides a comprehensive system of holistic health, incorporating both yoga and meditation, focusing on the unity of all aspects of the individual.

Modern medicine has increasingly shown its limitations especially when treating chronic, psychological and psychosomatic conditions. Many now see health and illness as something more than that described by western science. For those who seek a deeper insight into the nature of being, Ayurveda - the ancient Indian ‘science of life’ - forms a valuable addition to conventional medicine.

Ayurveda is about friendship towards your entire being, your body, mind and spirit as one, a deep contact and body consciousness, a freedom from previous hurt and injury, from earlier conditioning, blockages and old self image. Ayurveda offers a way to recognize your resistance to change, a path to free yourself from all that is inconsistent, that does not truly fit in your life. Ayurveda can guide you to a secure and protected space where fulfillment, health, and happiness can be fully experienced.