Sometimes we cling to our limitations and refuse to recognize our capabilities. Hidden inner blockages which reflect on an emotional and physical level our conditioning and beliefs, our fears and stress, can hinder our development and result in illness and pain.
In western medicine these are mostly treated only at the level of symptoms. However, by seeking the cause at an integrated psychological, emotional, and physical level, we can work to release the blockages. Contacting our unexperienced potential, mobilizing our self-healing powers, changing our consciousness, are all ways to find our very own power, life-energy, joy, happiness and love. This searching for the source of our inner powers happens through sensitive work in the areas of our beliefs and perceived limitations, our resistances, our thoughts and emotions. Body and breath based energy-work and NLP interventions are some of the many techniques used.



Accept an invitation back to the roots of life, a return to simplicity. Understand and discover a new vision for your life. Translate this new vision into action by awakening your powers of self healing, by mobilising trust in your own vitality, by centring yourself once again in health and life energy, by finding joy, happiness and harmony. It is about challenging our lives in order to create deeper recognition and connection to our psyche, body and environment, which in turn creates new relationships and enables new experience of life. Ayurvedic massage sessions work alongside; rejuvenating, purifying and detoxifying the body; vitalizing and relaxing the soul. Touch stills the longing for gentleness. Energy work can lead to the freeing of hidden blockages. Personally matched Ayurvedic diets, tailor-made to your own constitution, purify the body and provide energy.

I will be your personal coach and therapist. After a detailed assessment we will together develop and execute your individual program. This could be early morning beach walks or jogging, swimming, yoga, meditation, different Ayurvedic treatments or massage, energy-work, physiotherapy, psychotherapy sessions, nutritional advice, excursions and social contact or also silence, rest and relaxation. According to your needs this could be a 1, 2, 3 or 4 week program with anything from 2 to 5 hours programmed per day.

Dates and cost per day to be agreed after initial meeting / discussion.