is a unique form of Ayurveda whole-body massage developed by a student of the great yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar in Poona India. The approach uses a unity of deep muscle-work, foot-work, and yoga stretches to open up and re-balance the body and mind, simultaneously releasing blockages to energy flow. In addition to oil, Calamus powder is used for its strong detoxifying effects as well as for purification and support of blood circulation. Treatment lasts 2 hours plus a recommended one hour relaxation immediately after treatment.


is a flowing Abhyangar whole-body massage which uses oil to make the body soft and supple. It detoxifies and instils a new vitality and freshness. Supported by the inclusion of Marma therapy - a scientific technique from southern India based around the vital-energy points of the human body - this massage can both free additional energy as well as release blocked-up energy.
Treatment lasts 1.5 hours plus a recommended one hour relaxation immediately after treatment.


is an intuitive, holistic and solution oriented form of treatment which incorporates psychosomatic as well as subtle body therapy. It works towards a recognition of trauma and a releasing of energy blockages, and comprises a unification of ayurveda massage, bio-energetics, marma therapy (vital-points and trigger-points), meridian work, hara work, chakra work, and breathing. Energy-work is a process of deep self-awareness combined with integrative growth and forms an effective means of spiritual psychotherapy. Assisted by your inner wisdom, you experience new impulses for a harmonious and fulfilled life, enabling a deep healing process to take place and the discovery of new personal potential. Treatment lasts 1.5 hours plus a recommended one hour relaxation immediately after treatment.
This treatment can be conducted in individual or group sessions lasting from 1.5 hours up to a whole day.

Individual or group sessions.

All these treatments serve to harmonize the body-energies or Doshas and purge away metabolic poisons. In addition to the release of emotional blockages, they support a deep process of purification and renewal, leading to a strengthening of the immune system, rejuvenation, cell renewal and other vitalising and regenerative effects. They are a deep meeting of body, mind and soul in an inner space of care, love and touch. They develop the perception and produce an intensive contact with one’s own body.




These treatments are particularly effective for all vegetative or autonomic disturbances:- exhaustion, symptoms of stress, energetic disharmony, indigestion, feelings of depression, sleeplessness, chronic tiredness, anxiety, high blood pressure, chronic headaches and migraine, menopausal problems, skeletal pain, sexual related problems, and problems of blood circulation. Of equal importance is the help they bring for those harming their body through drugs, tobacco, coffee, or inappropriate medication; purging the body of toxins as well as inducing more general changes in life and consciousness.

Put most simply, these are treatments which bring something good in life, a relaxation of the body, mind and spirit.
For either yourself, or with a gift voucher, as a present to another.

Sessions by appointment:

Following a session of harmonizing of the body energies, further weekly or fortnightly treatments are an excellent means for ongoing holistic conservation of health.

Payment through medical insurance can be arranged for private patients.